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Athletic Therapy and Sports Medicine Clinic in Winnipeg​

Sports Physiotherapy - Helping Winnipeg Athletes With Sports Injury Rehabilitatio

Our physiotherapists and athletic therapistsWinnipeg practitioners specialize in sports physiotherapy and are experts in all types of sports-related injuries, ranging from simple muscle strain to ligament sprain to more complex nerve damage. Their role is crucial when it comes to recovery from sports injuries. Our therapists’ detailed and individualized approach to helping athletes treat sports injuries have made Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic - Corydon one of the best resources for sports physiotherapy and athletic therapy in Winnipeg.

Why Do Athletes Require Sports Physiotherapy?

Exercise can be a double-edged sword. It can provide tremendous physical and mental benefits if done right; however, it can also lead to injury if done incorrectly. Those who have just started participating in sports are typically more susceptible to sports injuries. However, even more seasoned athletes are also often injured through trauma, over-training and/or burnouts.


Nowadays, a great deal of information about sports injuries is accessible online. In fact, many of our clients try to self-diagnose and treat themselves for months before coming to see us for our expertise. Many people do not realize that early intervention will lead to an early return to your favorite sports activities.

Trust Our Qualified Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Experts

Athletic therapists and physiotherapists at Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic – Corydon have years of experience working with numerous athletes and teams (from recreational to elite), helping them perform at their best at their level. Our reputation for helping countless athletes get back on their feet has secured our reputation as one of the best teams of athletic therapists and physiotherapists in Winnipeg.

Our team not only treats the most complex injuries, but they can also assess biomechanical and neurofunctional deficiencies and correct them to prevent sports injuries altogether. We are also always educating ourselves through continuing education seminars and research.


Our sports injuries experts are also distinguished in Winnipeg by their use of highly advanced technologies. We do not solely rely on using manual therapies and exercises -- some of the modalities we utilize daily include Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression Therapy and 3D Gait Scan Analysis. We combine every possible method to help you heal.

Sports Injuries Treated By Our Team

Some of the most common sports injuries include:

- inversion ankle sprain, 

- shin splints, 

- patellofemoral syndrome, 

- hamstring strain, 

- hip impingement, 

- shoulder impingement, 

- labrum tear, 

- shoulder dislocation

- tennis elbow.


If you have a new or old sports injury such as inversion ankle sprain, shin splints, patellofemoral syndrome, hamstring strain, hip impingement, shoulder impingement, labrum tear, shoulder dislocation and/or tennis elbow, our therapists will design a customized treatment plan that will help promote your wellness and minimize the chances of re-injury.


Whether you have serious sports-related injuries, would like to maintain your health and wellness or are interested in increasing your athletic performance, we are here to help you. Our athletic therapists and physiotherapists at Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic – Corydon are well-known in Winnipeg for their comprehensive assessments and unique and highly advanced treatment techniques. Call us today @ 431.373.2877 to book an appointment with one of our highly-qualified therapists.